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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fast Instant Approval Directory Submission Site

Thursday, November 29, 2012

PPC Interview Question and Answer

Q) Based on which Google places ads in first place?
(A) Google decides to give rank 1 in ads depending upon CTR(quality score) x CPC bid.
(Q) What is CTR?
(A) CTR – Click through rate. It is number of times your ad is clicked.
 (Q) How many campaigns can I run in one adwords account?
(A) 25 Campaigns
(Q) How many adgroups can I run under one campaign?
(A) 2000 adgroups
(Q) How many ads can I run per adgroup?
(A) 50 ads per adgroup
(Q) How much characters can I place in one ad?
(A) For one ad 4 rows are given
25 characters for headline
35 characyers per text row(including URL)
(Q) How can you Improve Conversion Rates?
(A) Creating and testing campaign with different keywords and choosing that perform well
(Q) IS PPC effective advertisement for search engine rankings?
(A) Google or any other search engine don`t mix PPC ads with search rankings.
(Q) What is Quality Score?
(A) Quality Score is Score give to your ads that attain by keywords. The Higher the quality score the less you need to pay for a Top Position of your ads. It is given upon CTR.
(Q) Which companies are offering PPC advertisement?
(A) Yahoo, MSN and Google are among top most PPC advertisers.
(Q) What is Page rank? Explain it?
(A) Google page rank algorithm helps search engines to realize the value of a page. It ranks your website on basis of quality links it has. It is given by Google depending upon keyword, backlink sites, and content.
(Q) Why I need to go for adwords for PPC?
(A) Because Adwords assures that 80% of internet users sees your product or service.
(Q) How to achieve good CTR?
(A)Here are few things that need to be kept in mind for CTR
  • Target your ads to right audience
  • Select correct keyword matching
  • See that you target your ads by location and language
  • Create different Ad Groups for different search phrases/keywords
  • Calculate how much you can afford for the day
  • test your ads on daily basis, change if you don`t get any response from users
  • Give google users a good reason to click your ad

Latest Seo Interview Question

1. Give me a description of your general SEO experience.
2. Can you write HTML code by hand?
3. Could you briefly explain the Page Rank algorithm?
4. What do you think of Page Rank?
5. What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
6. What are your thoughts on the direction of Web 2.0 technologies with regards to SEO?
7. What SEO tools do you regularly use?
8. Under what circumstances would you look to exclude pages from search engines using robots.txt vs. Meta robots tag?
9. What areas do you think are currently the most important in organically ranking a site?
10. Have you ever had something you’ve written reach the front-page of Digg? Sphinn? Or be stumbled?
11. Explain to me what META tags matter in today’s world.
12. Explain various steps that you would take to optimize a website?
13. If the company whose site you’ve been working for has decided to move all of its content to a new domain, what steps would you take?
14. Rate from 1 to 10, tell me the most important “on page” elements
15. Review the code of past clients/company websites where SEO was performed.
16. What do you think about link buying?
17. What is Latent Semantic Analysis (LSI Indexing)?
18. What is Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval and what roles does it play?
19. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
20. What kind of strategies do you normally implement for back links?
21. What role do social media play in an SEO strategy?
22. What things wouldn’t you to do increase rankings because the risk of penalty is too high?
23. What’s the difference between Page Rank and Toolbar Page Rank?
1. Are you familiar with web analytics and what packages are your familiar with?
2. From an analytics perspective, what is different between users from organic search results vs. a type-in user?
3. How do you distinguish the results of your search optimization work from a seasonal change in traffic patterns?
4. How do you evaluate whether an SEO campaign is working?
5. What does competitive analysis mean to you and what techniques do you use?
6. If you’ve done 6 months of SEO for a site and yet there haven’t been any improvements, how would you go about diagnosing the problem?
7. How many target keywords should a site have?
8. How do *you* help a customer decide how to their budget between organic SEO and pay-per-click SEM?
9. You hear a rumor that Google is weighting the HTML LAYER tag very heavily in ranking the relevance of its results – how does this affect your work?
10. Why does Google rank Wikipedia for so many topics?
Industry Involvement
1. Do you currently do SEO on your own sites? Do you operate any blogs? Do you currently do any freelance work and do you plan on continuing it?
2. What are some challenges facing the SEO industry?
3. What industry sites, blogs, and forums do you regularly read?
4. Who are the two key people – who started Google?
5. If you were bidding on a contract, what competitor would you most worry about?
1. Tell me your biggest failure in an SEO project
2. What areas of SEO do you most enjoy?
3. In what areas of SEO are you strongest?
4. In what areas of SEO are you weakest?
5. How do you handle a client who does not implement your SEO recommendations?
6. Can you get “xyz”? Company listed for the keyword “Google”? In the first page?
7. What do you think is different about working for an SEO agency vs. doing SEO in-house?
Open-ended SEO questions
1. What is your favourite aspect of SEO?
2.  What is the most difficult aspect of SEO for you?
3.  What has been your biggest mistake in optimizing a website for search engines?
4.  What has been you biggest success in SEO?
5.  What business sectors have you previously worked in as a SEO?
6.  What is the most competitive sector you have worked in as a SEO specialist?
7.  What is your favourite SEO website/blog, and why?
8.  Who do you most respect in the SEO industry, and why?
9.  Which website do you go to learn something new every time?
1.  What Analytics packages have you used?
2.  Talk me through the process of setting conversion goals?
1.  Please explain the Page Rank algorithm…
2.  What is the most important aspect to you of the Page Rank algorithm for link-building?
3.  What is page segmentation?
4.  What are LSI / LSA and its relevance to SEO?
5.  Explain to me how phrase-base algorithms work?  Clustering?
6.  Describe any perceived differences in the main search engines?
1.  What process do you typically go through when researching keywords?
2.  How could this process be improved?
3.  How do you carry out competitive analysis of keywords/SERPs as part of the keyword research process?
4.  When targeting keywords on-page, discuss some considerations you might make?
1.  What factors hinder search engines access to a website’s content?
2.  What is the most responsible way of using Flash?
3.  Tell me how you might use the Robots.txt file?
4.  What is the difference between an xml sitemap and an html sitemap?
On-page Ranking Factors
1.  If you were reviewing a landing page, what on-page ranking factors would you consider?
2.  How would you analyse the strength of that page as part of the site?
3.  Are you competent with HTML and CSS?
Onsite Ranking Factors
1.  Talk me through factors you would consider in building an optimized website. (Possible answers might include the discussion around information architecture, site structure, title tags, link structures, keyword relevance, etc).
2.  What are onsite ranking factors for building a successful landing page strategy?
3.  Please provide examples of black hat SEO techniques? 4.  What are your thoughts on black hat SEO techniques?  What, if any, have you used, or tested?
Offsite Ranking Factors
1.  What would the perfect inbound link look like?
2.  What do you like and not like about link-building?
3.  Explain to me your involvement in link-building in the past?
4.  What approach to link-building have you had most success?
Link bait Development and Marketing
1.  Would you consider yourself as creative?
2.  Have you ever successfully carried out a link bait campaign for a client / in-house? What was the success?
3.  Talk me through the process you might go through in developing a link bait strategy?
1.  Are you confident writing and publishing content online?
2.  Please provide examples of the content that you have written. What was the purpose of this content and what keywords were you targeting?
SEO Tools
1.  What keyword research tools do you use and why?
2.  What is your favourite ‘SEO tool’? Why?
3.  Do you think SEO tools are effective in competitive markets? Why?
1.  Have you carried-out split-testing / multivariate testing of content?
2.  What did you learn from this process?
Image Optimization
1.  What factors can you do to encourage the chance of ranking for images?
2.  What is hot linking? How can this be successfully optimized?
Video optimization
1.  Have you ever carried out video optimization?
2.  What are a few considerations of optimizing video content?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

List of Social Bookmarking Web Sites

No. Website URL Page Rank
#1 Check PageRank
#2 Free PageRank Checker
#3 Display Pagerank
#4 Free PageRank Checker
#5 Free Page Rank Tool
#6 Google PageRank Checker
#7 Free PageRank Checker
#8 Check Google Page Rank
#9 Free Page Rank Tool
#10 Page Rank Check


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  • Sql-Expression
  • Create database
  • Sql-Delete
  • Sql-Select
  • Sql-Create
  • Sql-Like
  • Sql-Join
  • Sql-Insert
  • Sql-Drop Table
  • Sql-Wild Card
  • Sql-Order By
  • Sql-Group By
  • Sql-Index
  • Not Null Constraints
  • Transaction Control
  • Sql-Transaction
  • Sql-In
  • Sql-Distinct
  • Check Constraint
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  • Sql-Primary
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  • Sql-Update
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  • Sql-Top-Rownum
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